Call Centre Facts

Clear Mindset Indicators When to Outsource

Outsourcing works by being able to streamline your business processes in order to save time and improve processing times. Below are indicators that suggest that you may need to outsource some tasks.

BPO and Contact Centre Trends to Know in 2019

2019 brings new opportunities and challenges to the BPO & Contact Centre industry. Here are the things to know about the trends that will shape or define BPO & contact centres.

4 Reasons Why BPO Investors are Drawn to The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the world's prime spot for outsourcing, therefore making it a lucrative place for foreign investors.

Global TeleForce Continues Contact Centre & Outsourcing Services to NBN Providers

Global TeleForce, a Contact Centre and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company has reached a milestone of six years in terms of providing a strategic and cost effective service portfolio to Australian ISP and Telecommunications companies.

Why Outsourcing Smartly Does Not Compromise Brand

Smart Outsourcing can prove to be a boost to the brand by streamlining its business support structure with improved efficiency.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence did not replace customer service but only helped the platform achieve greater efficiency through the methods of analytics and resource handling.

Harnessing Business Intelligence in Contact Centres

Artificial Intelligence will not replace contact centres alike but it aims to work seamlessly with the existing call centre technology to enhance the platform.

Key Outlines in the Future of Contact Centres

Today, we outline the future of contact centres that will host disruptive technology and practicality. We see some of them today based on innovation.

Is a Contact Centre Crisis Brewing in the United Kingdom?

Due to the economic uncertainty in the United Kingdom, the market struggle of SMEs have an adverse affect to the contact centre industry where it employs 6 percent of the working population.

Transformative Technology that are dictating how Contact Centres are Evolving

Transformative technology that affects how today's contact centres