Why the Human Factor Matters in the Future of Contact Centres

In the age of rapid development of artificial intelligence for the contact centre, the future of customer service is still ingrained deeply on human to human conversations.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

In a world wherein technology has been used as a drive and platform in order to provide the best of services, it is no doubt that humans still and will have a role in the world. Having the human touch is still seen as a major advantage, especially now that businesses are stepping up their games to meet the expectations of educated consumers.

Customers Expect Human Conversation

To be honest, businesses need to make a mark on consumers and an unforgettable experience that will give the brand a positive image over competitors. However, this is not an easy feat; consumers know what they want and don't want. They are emotional beings that must be pleased in order to get their loyalty. That is why every interaction with them should be enveloped with positive emotions that encourage them to make an action — getting your products or services and recommending the brand to others.

Technology Allows more Human Channels for Communication

There are many platforms wherein businesses can have an interaction with a consumer, and one of these are contact centres. It is important in investing in contact centre technology since it offers accessibility on both parties and promotes smooth delivery in terms of first contact, assistance, self-service options, and automated responses/services. This investment may cost much, but it helps in a big way, especially agents. Even though there are a number of consumers who want automated responses, the majority still wants to speak with a real human being.

Defining Humanity in Customer Relationships

Agents have the power to make or break a customer relationship. A having humans working in the contact centre can assist in complex situations that bots may not understand right now. However, the best way to provide a remarkable experience is to have a balance between technology and human elements. Technology can take the first step in assisting customers, then pass it on to their human counterparts. In addition, technology can also automate the collection of data and organise it to make it easier for humans to analyse the collected data and provide a personalised experience.

The secret to success in contact centres is making every experience a positive one. Many callers choose to speak with human agents since they want to vent out their frustrations, and this is where these agents have the chance to turn things around — to make the negative experience a positive one. But this requires skill, empathy, and patience to achieve. That is why well-trained, professional agents are always needed by contact centres, and Global TeleForce offers contact centre outsourcing to cater to your contact centre needs. Drop us a line at 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email enquiry@globalteleforce.com to know more.