Why Contact Centres Should Invest in the Latest Technology

Posted by Author 1 year ago

Is your contact centre having trouble in giving your customers the experience that they deserve? If this is happening to your business, better rethink of your strategy. In reality, there are a lot of contact centres who are failing to do so. And one of the plausible reasons is that they're not in line with the latest technology. According to a new report by Calabrio, it is common that contact centres are always behind in embracing the latest tools and services available.

The study showed that 60 per cent of contact centre employees in the UK and US said their companies are not equipped with the latest technology to handle their problems and loads, contributing to their stress and leaving them unengaged.

Communication is important to contact centres. One of the technologies not being embraced by a lot of customer services is chatbots. How good would this do for contact centres? Well, consider the data released by Gartner. It said that artificial intelligence will amount to 85% of customer relationships by 2020. Chatbots can hit two stones at the same time—a cheaper alternative for contact centres than training new agents and to lessens customer wait time.

“Brands are battling it out to deliver the right customer experience to get ahead of the competition and drive market share," said Kris McKenzie, EMEA general manager at Calabrio.

"What is clear, however, is if they do not rethink the contact centre strategy, they’re putting the entire customer experience at risk. As a cornerstone of the customer experience, brands need to implement the right technology in their contact centre but more importantly they need to focus on the people. In doing so, contact centre staff become empowered to quickly make informed decisions and deliver on the experience that customers have come to expect.”

The contact centre industry is like a battlefield. But the only way to win is through customer experience. Winners can only be determined by how good they deliver customer experience. It is no secret that providing awesome customer experience is the key to create a positive impression of the business. Do this more often and customers will likely become happy, loyal and profitable through time.

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