When Is It the Right Time for Successful E-Commerce Stores to Outsource?

Posted by Author 3 months ago

Today's technology has revolutionised how consumers shop their wants and needs. We can now use our mobile devices anywhere and anytime to access online stores that offer a wide variety of choices—from clothes to even medical supplies. The convenience this innovation has to offer is no longer a luxury since a lot of people now have access to the internet and even owns more than one mobile device.


Because of this, sales in the e-commerce market have boomed. And the sales have placed the country within the top ten worldwide. According to a report by eMarketer, the total online sale of the Land Down Under is foreseen to go beyond $32 billion in 2017.


The data clearly show that there is a possible growth for these businesses—not just any growth, but a huge increase in sales, proving that e-commerce is a lucrative market. However, there are companies who are having a hard time in handling everything. It is, after all, a hard thing to process. This is where outsourcing comes along. Outsourcing is hiring a team or a single employee from an external company to work for you. It also promotes lower costs and faster recruitment. Now that you have a basic understanding of what outsourcing is, the next question comes along: when is it the right time for successful e-commerce stores to outsource?


Outsource when growth is fast with your company

With all the sales that could cross your way, how will you be able to handle it on your own? Success and growth may be a good thing to happen, but handling it is—honestly—a real headache. And not being able to handle your growth is bad news for the company, creating big cracks and wide gaps in the business and customers. Outsourcing is a good answer to fill in the future cracks or gaps that can be caused by sudden business growth.


Since you have hired a new team to handle a certain task or position in the company, you can now focus more on the important ones. This can help you manage your time well and give more effort on tasks that you should do, instead of worrying on time-consuming and stress-adding ones.


Outsource when you know you're ready to grow but the budget won't allow you to

Business expansion cannot be decided overnight. There are many factors that could affect such a big decision, and one of it is the budget. Whenever you grow, you will also need additional manpower to assist you in different tasks. However, hiring new people can take a long time and can definitely cost money.


According to business advisor William G. Bliss, the high costs of processing recruitment, which are advertisements, time-in by the recruiter and more, can really get the business' money down the drain. What’s worse is that you have been spending money to promote the position, find a suitable candidate, and train them up to for first day, but they are just all pure talk. If this currently happened to you or if you don’t want this to happen, better consider outsourcing. With outsourcing, you can save time and money for the costs is definitely lower than hiring a new one.


How can you save money by outsourcing?  You have the choice of not paying the same rate and benefits as your in-house employees. There can also be lower hiring costs for outsourcing companies are often situated in a different country—usually in India and the Philippines.


Outsource when you need to provide better customer service

Every customer is important for the business. The profit that can be earned with every customer purchase is vital in making a business grow. Getting more new customers can help in increasing sales, but it would be better if they keep coming back and referring you to more people. But, only happy and satisfied customers on their experience are the ones who are likely to come back.


Providing awesome customer service is important and outsourcing can help you with improving it. Outsourcing can help you in focusing more since it can take up time-consuming tasks. Furthermore, outsourcing also provides a pool of talent who really knows their stuff. This gives you a cost-effective solution since they only need less supervision and knows how to get the job done.


A sudden growth in the business is hard to contain. It is like containing a pipe that has a strong leak. You will need a team or a professional who has enough skill and material to do the job efficiently. And is just like outsourcing. You hire people from an external company to work with you and make your business grow. This method has helped thousands of businesses grow and reach where they are now today.


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