Tips In Planning Your Call Centre 2015 Halloween Party

Posted by Author 3 years ago

Halloween is right around the corner. Plenty of homes are likely to have activities scheduled on that day. So how’s a business, especially a service-oriented one, supposed to keep the spirit of Halloween alive among its employees without disrupting work flow?

These five tips can help call centres execute a great Halloween party.

  1. Offer treats

Desks, cubicles, or offices located along high traffic areas inside the workplace could place a bowl of candies or assorted treats for passers-by. It’s a simple yet thoughtful gesture others will love.

  1. Decorate

Management can hold cubicle or desk-decorating contests to get everyone in the “Halloween spirit” and encourage participation among employees. As long as rules and parametres are set to keep things from getting chaotic, this could be a fun company-wide activity employees will surely enjoy.

  1. Keep it low key

Since you’re hosting a Halloween party at work, you can expect some people to be busy WORKING. It is important to respect the choice of others who are not interested or are too busy to participate. Keep the party low key to avoid interrupting others, and if you’re on the receiving end, just keep your door closed or hang a do not disturb message to let others know you’re buried under a ton of work and don’t have time to join.

  1. Supervise the little guests

Some Call Centre Outsourcing companies allow kids to join the party and go trick or treating from office to office. If that’s the case in your workplace, make sure to designate people to escort the kids so they don’t end up running around and disturbing those who are working. It may be a Halloween party, but you’re still at work, so respect those who are engaged in calls or buried in paperwork.

  1. Dress up

What theme is your company going for this year? No theme? No problem! You can always wear your own costume, as long as it’s work appropriate of course. Anything that’s too sexy, offensive, or violent needs to go. When choosing costumes, stick with something that will not disrupt others and will not make it hard for you to do your job.

So, what will it be? Trick or treat?