Tips for Creating an Effective Telesales Script

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Different call centres have their own approach in calling customers. Some prefer to stick with a script or template, while some don't. Actually, the answer lies in between the two lines. Why? Since there are scenarios wherein a script is inapplicable; therefore, you will need to improvise and create a personalised approach or use a script.


Even though some feedback says that having a script is like talking to a robot, but having no script at all is not really the answer to have a boost in sales. As mentioned above that the answer lies between the two; it is the fine line that divides a script and impromptu conversations. This means that the answer is a script that can be used in any given situation; a loose group of words that will not be regarded as a robotic format, but at the same time a planned approach.


In making a script, you should keep in mind two things: who's on the other side of the line and when is the time you will speak with them. Before doing so, the sales team should already have an idea regarding the prospects and customers. Information is needed in order to know how to approach a customer. And here are a set of questions for you to come up an effective telesales script:


  • The reason why they will need what you're selling
  • Is this the first time speaking to this customer?
  • What’s your advantage compared to others?


After knowing the key elements, it is now time to have an outline for the script. On the first part, you should be able to get the attention of the other person on the line. Getting their interest is important since this is when you’ll know when they’re willing to listen. Truth be told, this is a challenge for the sales team. But, the sales team should find ways on how to steer the conversation since they will only have a short amount of time to turn things around.


However, this is just the start of the battle. After passing on the stage, this is the moment to ask further. Don't shy away from asking questions for you to have an idea on what their needs are. This will definitely help you know which solution fits their problem.


Lastly, once you think you have gained control of the conversation, it is time to end the call. Congratulations if you were able to convert them on the first try, but, if not, you should have a backup plan prepared. Don't be discouraged if the answer is still 'no' since your back up plan is to schedule a follow-up. Having this backup plan can help you get back on track and have a second chance of converting that prospect into a customer.


Having a script is essential for call centres since this serves as their guide on how to speak with prospects and customer. But there are times when a script is not applicable for a number of customers think of scripts as boring and robotic. That is why when looking for a contact centre outsourcing, you should be able to find a company who has agents that are flexible enough to adjust on using and not using a script but can still be engaging to make prospects convert into customers.

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