Tesla Touring Its Solar Powered Tiny Home

Posted by Author 5 months ago

There’s a new tour in town and it’s not a concert.


The Tesla will now take the next step in Australia. Starting October, the American electric-automobile manufacturer will start touring the country as they will be introducing what they can offer through its fully-functional miniature house on wheels to Aussies in different locations.


Dubbed as the "Tesla Tiny House", this shipping container-like house is backed up with sic solar panels and the company's Powerwall batteries in order to provide energy storage. According to Tesla, 100 per cent of the power of the tiny house will come from renewable energy.


When looking inside the eco-friendly house, which is made out of locally-sourced, chemical-free timber, there is a mobile design studio and configurator, which will help enlighten visitors—with the help of Tesla employees, of course—right then and there on how its solar systems would work in their homes once they get one or more installed.


Since Australia is a big country, ever wonder how Tesla will be able to transport the sustainable home? Actually, the "Tesla Tiny House" only weighs about two tons and will be hauled by a Model X in order to move from one location to the next.


Tesla is known to be a big name in the United States and it has set its eyes on the possible sources of renewable energy in Australia, which is the sun, and its fast-growing solar energy industry. According to reports, the Australian market was one of the firsts to receive the Powerwall 2. Moreover, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk made a bet on Twitter that the company can stabilise Australia's power grid in just 100 days using the mentioned innovation.


Having this process, the whole theme is really sustainable as the power came from renewable energy; the house is made up of locally-sourced, chemical-free timber, and up to the hauling is also under the clean energy category. With this, solar outsourcing service in the country can now take the spotlight properly penetrate the industry as renewable energy is now being recognised more.

Image Credit: Mashable