Philippine BPO Must Adapt to Industrial Wave of Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Author 7 months ago

One of the top outsourcing companies in the Philippines said that machines are unlikely to replace humans anytime soon as they unveiled artificial intelligence applications that can make things easier, according to ABS-CBN News.


 "Liquid Studio", from Accenture, will feature customisable applications and voice-controlled "chat bots" that can control home appliances.


Comparing ATM machines to call centres, Accenture Philippines technology lead Ambe Tierro said, as reported by ABS-CBN News, call centres will not go become extinct, just like in banks wherein bank tellers did not lose their jobs when the ATM Machines came into the picture/


"At that time, people assumed that tellers will not exist, but 30 years forward, they're still around. It just enhanced and changed the way tellers do their jobs," Tierro said as quoted by ABS-CBN News.


Group Chief Executive for Accenture Technology Services Bhaskar Ghosh said that BPO workers should learn how to work with the latest technologies. As quoted by ABS-CBN News, Ghosh also added: "If we don't do that these people will not be relevant in the future."


Meanwhile, Accenture's rival, Sitel envisions in making artificial intelligence as front liners in customer service, and will only transfer the call to call centre agents when "human touch" is needed.


"The intent of the technology is to really help humans to move up the value chain... What we're seeing is the medium-complexity and higher-complexity jobs will actually increase," JP Palpallatoc, Accenture's Digital Lead in the Philippines, told ABS-CBN News.


A part of “Liquid Studio" will be used to train employees on intelligence. Tierro said that Filipino BPO workers, specifically, are easy to train.


Liquid Studios "help companies become built for change through new technologies, skills and ways of working. We rapidly prototype and deliver software to help you reach customers and enter new markets," according to Accenture's website.


Even though it is seen that machines will not replaces humans in the near future, there is still a chance that it could happen since innovation is changing fast. Contact centre outsourcing offices should be able to train their agents in artificial intelligence to grow accustomed to the latest technology, and at the same time provide great customer service.

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