NBN Boss Sees Profit Doubling this Year

Posted by Author 10 months ago

NBN Co boss Bill Morrow expressed his confidence that 2.3 million homes and businesses will use the $49 billion high-speed broadband network by June.


He also stated they foresee a double the company's present-day revenue due to the connection.  As of December 31 last year, there are 1.6 million users of the NBN, producing $403 million revenue for the company.


"Take up of services over the NBN network is growing, as is average data use per home," Mr. Morrow said via the Australian Associated Press. "Growing penetration is driving encouraging revenue growth."


Mr. Morrow said that NBN Co is on the way of reaching 5.4 million areas by June 30 and 2.3 million users that can deliver revenue of $900 million. During the half year until December 31 last year, the average revenue per user (ARPU) of $43 a month was steady, same in 2015.


Mr. Morrow said that he is expecting the ARPU to increase as more customers decide to connect to the NBN and an increase of data usage. He is also expecting the revenue from businesses will be sharply higher than residential. The forecast of NBN Co in ARPU is $5 billion in total revenue or $52 a month by 2020.


However, as the company kept on spending money on the network, marketing, and staff, NBN is suffering a net loss of $1.83 billion in six months to December last year, and $1.24 million in 2015. More than 70 percent of the construction of the project is in regional and rural areas, but will also take place in metropolitan areas this year.


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