MyRepublic CIO: Telcos Need to Transform Service Delivery

Posted by Author 3 months ago

MyRepublic, an ISP in Singapore that is known to be the first to launch 1Gpbs broadband plans that the mass market can afford, firmly believes that telcos must change the way on how they deliver their service to customers. Currently, the ISP is now active in 4 markets and is looking to expand on four more areas—Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.


Group CIO at MyRepublic, Eugene Yeo, says that IT is what they used to stay ahead of the game.


“We are firm believers of using IT as a strategic tool to make sure our company remains innovative and a disruptor, staying ahead of everyone,” said Mr Yeo via TelecomAsia. “As we grew the company over the last 5 years, we realized that there was a huge potential. The way we do things is very different from the incumbents."


“Embracing open source, embracing technologies out there to help us become more agile and efficient …we realized that there’s huge value in them and that there’s potential to grow the business into something much bigger," said Mr Yeo.

However, he thinks that the telco industry is still in the traditional phase when it comes to innovation, disruption and transformation. But with the appearance of disruptive technologies, which are cloud, open source, 5G, machine learning, and IoT to name a few, the telco industry is slowly changing and being in time of what are the trends of today. It is now seen that the industry is slowly embracing the digital technologies that could help them provide better service.


“You want services provided by the service provider to be intelligent, relevant, affordable, and accessible – all those attributes have to be there. With all the technologies that have evolved and been created… I think it is quite clear that telcos are moving from hardware-based infrastructure to software-based infrastructure for reasons of agility,” said Damien Wong, Vice President and General Manager, ASEAN, Red Hat via TelecomAsia. “Moving forward, we are going into 5G, and people who can capitalize on that 5G infrastructure are going to be extremely successful."


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