Key Outlines in the Future of Contact Centres

Today, we outline the future of contact centres that will host disruptive technology and practicality. We see some of them today based on innovation.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

Change is inevitable. With all the changes that have been happening over the past years, it has gradually impacted the way businesses deliver service and how customers think about a business should deliver. Customers' knowledge has expanded; they now know what deserve.

This year, customer expectations have increased and contact centres should keep up. If organisations want to keep their customers coming back for more, they should be able to come up ways on how. No matter what industry you belong to, you should be able to make your customers happy and satisfied. For 2018, NICE has identified the key trends to watch out for.

“Many contact centres are held back by ageing or inadequate infrastructure," NICE ANZ managing director Gerry Tucker said.

“Simple upgrades or bolt-on tools won’t deliver the functionality these businesses need to step up to customer expectations. Especially in large contact centres, there will be a renewed urgency to move to a more modern platform including cloud solutions.”

  1. Omnichannel is a must NICE research revealed that 27 per cent of business is planning to integrate an omnichannel experience, having different services work together seamlessly. Providing an omnichannel is essential in providing a positive experience.

For businesses that have an omnichannel strategy, they see 89 per cent retention rate. Unfortunately, there are businesses who claim of having an omnichannel channel, with most only offer a multichannel experience. If by definition, both strategies are almost the same since it offers a multichannel access. However, omnichannel offers a more diverse experience, having more platforms synced. This gives more choices to customers in interacting with your business, especially now that 90 per cent of customers changes screens during the day.

  1. It's time to bring Analytics to the spotlight Having access to systems and people that can analyse data and transform it into insight is the help that businesses need in order to make smart decisions. For 2018, analytics have garnered the attention of businesses, especially in contact centres. In this industry, contact centres can use analytics to automate and augment evaluations done on agents. This data taken from agents can serve as data they can rely on in order to become better.

  2. Simplify the process Since technology is evolving, tools are also upgraded. Before, agents will need to access different programs in order to search for the needed information, while speaking or on hold with a customer. Now, contact centres will invest in tools that help simplify this. With automation and intuitive tools, agents can now provide a better experience in the customer journey.

Along with these trends, NICE research also cited the previous customer experience improvement programmes. It said that these past experiences will serve as the firm foundation of the business for it to improve and provide better service. This year, contact centres will also grow and help businesses in making their customers happy and satisfied. With this, businesses who are experiencing a decline in customer service can reach out to contact centres, and Global TeleForce offers contact centre outsourcing perfect to any industry. Work with a team of trained and experienced agents, call 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email