INFOGRAPHIC: What is Visual Support? How Does it Help?

Posted by Author 4 months ago

Customer service has undergone various evolutions ever since its inception. Decades ago, customers need to go to stores just to share their experience with the business to the employees, whether the experience was good or bad. Customers will need to make an effort to just share their frustrations or satisfaction to the people involved. But, after a few years, convenience is slowly becoming one of the main ingredients of the evolution of technology. And this is when customers speak over the phone ever since the telephone was invented.


Fast forward to today, only a number of businesses still opt to use telephones to connect and engage with customers, while more and more customers have mobile devices and the internet to directly speak with a customer representative at any given time of the day without leaving the comfort of their own homes. And with the recent advancements in technology, businesses are now being able to deliver customer service beyond the expectations of customers.


Currently, Visual support has made headlines as companies start embracing this technology. This is thanks to the power of availability with the use of mobile devices. As said before, mobile devices have become a platform of communication at any place and any time of the day as long as there is a strong internet connection or mobile signal. Now with visual support, customer support agents can now see what customers see; therefore, decreasing the chance of miscommunication between a customer and agent.


Using visual support can help customer service representatives provide clear feedback and solutions as they see in real time what a customer is seeing and doing on a certain product being fixed. This makes every call shorter and precise since both parties clearly see and understand what is going on instead of imagining it.


According to TechSee, the impact of visual support is that there will be “more revenue” and “less expenditures” for businesses. This advancement can “save millions in support processes, improve retention, increase advocacy, and boost sales to existing customers.”


Customer service has evolved into something wherein customers are now experiencing convenience, while representatives are experiencing lesser loads since technology also have the share of the burden on its shoulders. Now, with visual support, there will be lesser time to describe what is in need of fixing since customer service representatives and customers are on the same page.


With this, a contact centre outsourcing should be updated and train its agents on the technologies to increase flexibility and improve their skill set in order to boost sales and services offered. On the other hand, businesses that are looking for a reliable contact centre outsourcing should have an idea of what technologies are being used today that fit the business in order to find the right team and deliver wonderful customer service.


To know more, TechSee has created a comprehensive infographic about the subject matter below.