How Voice Analytics is Changing Customer Service

Posted by Author 4 months ago

Digital technology is fast-paced. Innovations have been popping up and some are helpful, while some are not so much.

One of the innovations being used worldwide today is voice analysis. This is the process of analysing recorded voices to collate customer information. And the collected data from customers will be used in order to determine which area of the service will need improvement, will give the business insight about a customer and can even detect customers who are lying about their provided information.


A lot of software is already performing this role, helping businesses in their customer service game. And one of the game-changers in the field is Adobe. The multinational computer software company has created new software that can analyse voice data to help businesses have a better grasp on customer behaviour.


Adobe's data analytics arm has created a technology that can let data be evaluated through voice interactions from Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Samsung Bixby. According to Stuff, director of product management Adobe Analytics Cloud Colin Morris said voice technology is the future of marketing and that businesses should not shy away from such technology to personalise their services.


"One of the biggest problems right now for brands is that they have an expanding digital footprint. What brands are realising is that the customer experience is happening more digitally, so they need to provide good customer experience through technology for customer and brand," Morris said.


"The user interface is going to change over time."


Meanwhile, Auckland University marketing lecturer Mike Lee said there will be an "exponential leap" on how businesses use technology once voice command becomes more accurate.


"We're at that part of the curve that's just about to go up and what's limiting it is that not everyone is comfortable with it and there are some speed bumps in the experience. Once developers get that right it will become the keyboard of the future," Lee said via Stuff.


"The computer just needs data, it doesn't matter how it gets it. Voice is so much more natural and efficient in some ways, especially if you're driving or banking.


"It can cut down a double digit step process to a one sentence command."

Image Credit: Stuff