How to Map Your Customer Journey

Posted by Author 9 months ago

Customer service is an essential tool to improve the business. However, that approach is more business-focused, showing to the customers how great the business itself. A lot of businesses are focusing on planning to offer great customer service, making them neglect on how customers feel. This is where the customer journey map enters the fiasco.


Customer Journey Mapping shows the adventure of your customers in your business, which starts from the first contact, engagement, then up to the long-term relationship. The adventures placed in the customer journey map reveal the experiences of customers while engaging with your products and services. This data will give an idea on where to improve based on customer insights. But how can a business produce one anyway? Here are ways on how to map your customer journey.


1. Create a journey framework

This framework provides the skeleton of your journey mapping. However, do remember that this is different from a process map for a customer journey map uses an outside perspective, meaning everything is written through the words of the customer. Moreover, not all customers are the same, so better create segments and personas. You must segregate them into groups so you can create a framework for each for you to understand want they want and expect from you.

2. Understand the customer journey you created

There are three types of approach available for you to understand your existing journey—Mystery Shopping, Business Diagnostics, and Voice of the Customer. Mystery shopping is to have an outside perspective of your business by walking in your customers' shoes. Let yourself experience how customers feel first hand. Then, Business Diagnostics is an end-to-end expert analysis of the process of the organisation that supports the business.


Lastly, Voice of the Customer can be used as support if the first two does not work. Here, you gather expectations, prioritise it to know which is relevant, substantiate them, and analyse it for you to plot customer experience curves. Voice of the Customers can help you identify where to improve to fill in the gap of the existing and ideal journey, which is based on customer expectations.


3. Develop promises and commitments

Customer experience is known to be the gap between customer expectations and what they perceive to get. And customer expectations came from their past experiences, marketing, and branding activity. On the other hand, customers’ perception is based how the products deliver. It is important to make sure to develop promises and commitments when redesigning your customer experience so that you can reposition your brand.


4. How to design your customer journey

Customer journeys are often designed to make it easier to understand. And the programs often used are InDesign and PowerPoint. However, you should also be able to capture all the details behind the graphic. Why? Because this is not only the functional side of the customer journey, you also need to take a look at their emotions; both sides should be shown. The bottom line is that you are making a narrative that becomes the whole story fresh from the customers' point of view.


5. Changes and improvements

After identifying the data needed, it is time to fill in the gaps of the existing and ideal journey. The business will now have to identify the improvements and changes that needed to be integrated—a phase of transformation. The business will be re-inventing products and services to meet customer expectations, and at the same time provide great customer service. Furthermore, as long as the business reflects the promises and commitments made to the customers, then there should be no gap between the promises and what can be delivered.


A customer journey map is an essential tool in knowing how customers while engaging with your website. This can also serve as a guide for agents hired from contact centre outsourcing as a guide on how to engage with customers in certain situations. Since not all customers are the same, the customer journey map can show what appropriate actions to be done in order to steer customers back towards the business.