How to Establish a Trust Based Selling Approach

Posted by Author 11 months ago


Establishing a relationship with a client is very important. Unfortunately, building one is not that easy and mastering it needs time and patience. Once a relationship has been established, it is important to maintain and build trust. There are businessmen who do not realize this since they are used to serve the same customers over and over again. But thinking about it, how were customers able to come back to you? Because there was trust and relationship established. It is like building a friendship but at a professional level. So, how does this all become a reality work?

1. Homework is not only for school

Giving thought and doing research is rewarding than you ever think. Doing research about the people who you are going to meet will give you an edge on the conversation and topic selection. You can go to social sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook to get information. Getting knowledge about their interests and brief background will definitely give you the confidence to interact with them. However, choose the best and most sincere topic to talk about to make something valuable and not take much of their time.


2. Add prefaces before questions

Adding prefaces before the real topic can lighten up the conversation. However, simply asking the wrong questions or asking the right questions with the wrong phrasing can create a wrong idea about you. Make sure to think thoroughly and know the rights words to use to not spark anything bad. Connecting two things can be confusing, but with practice, you earn more confidence to do it right.

3. Make a move

In connection to the first tip, it pays to do your homework. Do not be a stranger to your clients and make a professional move. An example of this is you have a scheduled meeting next week. For you to be able to tackle more topics in the meeting time, you set a separate meeting with the client. Before you meet up with the client, again do your research. Do not be conscious since you are only establishing a connection with the client.


Establishing a respectful and trustworthy relationship with a client is a must to make them stay as a customer. With all the tips mentioned above, it is important for agents in contact centre outbound sales to know how to phrase and add prefaces in questions to not be awkward. Also it is important do research about the client to have more topics to be discussed under the sun.