How to Create a Seamless Online Customer Experience

Posted by Author 11 months ago

Today, there are many platforms that can be used by businesses to connect with customers and vice versa. All these available platforms, explored and unexplored, businesses are deciding to expand in order to accommodate more. With the evolution of technology, there is a large impact on how customers see the support being offered by businesses. In simpler terms, convenience and expectations are established, thus customers think a hotline is around the clock available.


Unfortunately, this evolution comes with disadvantages, such as delays in answering emails. This can be disastrous for the business, especially when there is no engagement from the business side. No engagement leads to less trust and goodbye relationship for customers. It is better to avoid a scenario to happen, so here are ways on how to create a seamless online customer experience.



Customers want things real-time

If you have an online shop, it is best to provide real-time online support. Customers tend to have more questions regarding the products and services being offered online than when they are exploring a physical store or branch. If you disregard this and not answering their queries, then if the worst comes to the worst, customers will find someone who they think are better than you.


However, answering their questions should be fast enough—before their patience runs out. A great solution for this is having a live chat installed your website so that there are agents awaiting customers that need assistance. Now, customers will not need to wait for hours to get an answer and can continue their purchase up to the checkout.



Use simple terms

Customers do not have the same educational background or experience as you, so it is better to explain your products and services in layman's terms. Using jargons or technical terms can confuse the customer, and they might feel that you are making a fool out of them. So make sure to take it easy and be patient with your customer. You can also use relevant examples and analogies to they can understand it better.



Add an FAQ page

Sometimes, questions asked by customers are always asked by a thousand more. Creating a frequently asked page makes it easier for the customers to get answers to some of their obvious questions. In making this page, you should be aligned with how customers would frequently ask. These questions can circulate on shipping costs, delivery areas, store locations, refund and return policies, and office hours.



Social media as a platform

There are many customers who are active in social media. Establish an online presence in social media so that they can find you. More and more businesses are using social media to get in touch with customers since there is no specific age group that is using it. Hire social media representatives to accommodate customers who message your business through your social media accounts.



Engagement is necessary to do to keep customers interested and coming. There are many platforms to be used to keep in touch with customers. So, make sure to be engaging as much as possible to not lose customers. With these tips, contact centre outsourcing agents will know how to engage with customers so that conversions can be produced.