How the Internet of Things is Changing Customer Engagement

The Internet of Things is bound to change how we communicate via equipment. In turn, IoT will also change customer engagement.

Posted by Author 10 months ago

Customer service can make or break a business and that's why organisations are investing their time and money with technology. But, costs are high in getting the latest technology. This is where IoT outsourcing comes along for provides access to a talent pool of skilled workers with a lower salary wage compared to locals. Global TeleForce is a strategic contact centre that helps businesses to achieve steady growth through tailored-fit and innovative BPO solutions. For enquiries, call (PH) 02-6571872 / (AU) +61 419 200 663 or email

We have now entered the digital age, wherein technology has come to the rescue in the problematic industry we are in now. Customers always have expectations and it's hard to reach and encompass. Fortunately, the power of IoT in interconnecting devices to provide strong data analytics, data gathering, and a whole new level of customer service that, finally, reached customer expectations.

IoT has a lot to bring to the table. Through real-time customer experiences to feedback, organisations are able to gather fresh data from customers, providing the opportunity to have insight on things to improve on and have a basis for business decisions needed to make. It can also help in providing relevant health and wellness data to medical professionals.

On the other hand, IoT provides experiences for customers that pass the convenience standard. An example is using IoT to operate the air conditioning while on their daily commute home or turning on the sprinkler while they're on vacation. Being able to have the power to control a home to the power of their fingertips — and with a use of a mobile device — has given them the freedom to do more things at the same time.

Businesses are now able to provide an experience never done before through IoT. An example is Amazon's ambitious project of being able to buy products without going into the long checkout lines. Called the Amazon Go, its store in Seattle is able to use machines to tally items and charges customers upon leaving the brick and mortar store, while Amazon is able to collect data and analyse it for further insight.

Further improvement of customer service is now a possibility all thanks to IoT. All thanks to this innovation, customers will no longer need to get in line and get bored while waiting for their purchases to be punched by the cashier in the store's system, and at the same time businesses get the data they need to analyse in order to understand customer behaviours better and make business decisions that will benefit the organisations and its customers.