How Social Media Factors in the State of Omni Channel Customer Support

Social Media, in more than ways than one has been the focal point of customer service and support in the age of the omni channel.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

A long time ago, social media has been seen as a platform for interaction between people. It was used as a gateway of communication, such as reaching out to a relative abroad or telling the world what you’re thinking about. Now, social media is part of the strategies under digital marketing. For businesses, social media is more than a platform for communication; it's also a platform for promotion. As for businesses with the omni channel approach, social media is the missing piece. Customers want real-time answers on platforms they have access too — and social media can provide just that.

Customer support through social media Social media is just a part of the puzzle. However, it provides a great amount of efficiency in terms of delivering wonderful customer support. As mentioned, customers want real-time answers. So there are no doubt customers would push their questions and demands through social media since this is one of the most accessible platforms for interactions.

However, a simple reminder for businesses: transparency and accountability should be always considered. Customers always notice whenever you possess or not these traits. These traits are essential since this is where customers feel they are noticed and valued.

Adding personalisation to the recipe - Customer support through social media is slowly gaining recognition over the years. And with the influx of people asking questions through messaging, businesses are having trouble in accommodating them all. The ones in the big leagues often fall victim to this and opt to get chat bots to do the job. There is nothing wrong with using chat bots, but it's better to make customers feel their experience with the business is organic — that they are talking to a real-life human being. Scripts aren't necessary. With the necessary training and knowledge, along with the right skill set and empathy, your customer support can provide approachable, fast and reliable answers that reflect their understanding of a customer's woe or sentiment.

However, there are businesses that are having trouble with their customer support. Some say they offer omni channel customer support, but in reality is a multi channel one. There is a big difference in the two, and a business should make sure it supports the different platforms with seamless transition or outsource omni channel, especially that customers tend to switch devices in between interactions and transactions. For businesses having a hard time providing a seamless customer experience, Global TeleForce has over five years in experience in offering customer support outsourcing services that helped businesses grow in terms of customer traction and retention. Interested businesses can call 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email for more information.