How Linkedin Can Help Add To Your Sales Funnel

Posted by Author 2 months ago

You have heard it a dozen times, often from colleagues or former classmates; LinkedIn is one of the best social platforms out there. If you ask us, it is one of the best and recommended platforms for B2B sales. Having more than 467 million users, the platform is giving the business a lot of opportunities to reach out to a wider audience with the same interests as you have.


Sounds too good to be true, but on this very platform, you should be vigilant. According to LinkedIn, 94 per cent of B2B marketers use this social platform to distribute their content. With this huge population of B2B marketers, one or more of them can be your competitors. You better step up your game; especially now that 74 percent of B2B buyers choose a business that is able to assist them with useful, relevant content.


As a business, how will you be able to use this platform as a sales funnel to boost your business? Don't worry we got you covered with these three simple ways.

1. Connect to a group that is all about your target market

Searching for leads in the more than 467 million users in LinkedIn can be really tiring. But, by connecting to niche groups, this will help you narrow down your search. This will help the business focus on a certain group that is already interested in what you do and provide, thus improving engagement and conversion rates.

Even though they have the same interest as you, your content should still be high-quality. Don’t make your content become too “salesly”. Instead, provide relevant content that has a straightforward approach as if you’re imparting knowledge to them.

2. Create a contact spreadsheet

Make the most of your account's connections. The average number of connections in a LinkedIn account is 400; don’t let this go to waste.

In LinkedIn, you can actually compile all your connections into a list, making them easy to find. This feature will help you find a certain contact or group of contacts without having to search them one by one. You can also organise your contacts with the use of filters to make searching easier and to save time.

3. Take advantage of the “People Also Viewed” section

Whenever you visit a profile on LinkedIn, you will eventually stumble upon the “People Also Viewed” section. This is a sidebar often found on the right side of the screen. It provides you with people that other LinkedIn users view at, making it easier for you to find potential clients that will eventually become interested in your business.

Always remember to check this sidebar to get more leads. You'll never know, you might find a jackpot—clients who want avail of your services.

Gathering leads is tedious and time consuming. However, there are platforms that can help in this task—and LinkedIn is one of it. Make the most of what social platforms can give to help add in your sales funnel with Global TeleForce. We offer call centre outsourcing services that are efficient in gathering potential leads that are likely to convert into customers, thus helping the business increase sales and foster trust with old ones.

Image Source: LinkedIn