How Legal Firms Can Start Using Social Media for Client Lead Generation

Posted by Author 4 months ago

Social media has been around for decades. As technology evolved, social media came along with it. From computers to mobile devices, social media is being widely used in our everyday lives. In the Philippine setting, the time being spent by Filipinos is 3.2 hours per day on mobile, while 5.2 hours on desktop and tablet per day. And within these hours of internet browsing, the top online activities Filipinos do is social media, which is an average of 4.17 hours a day in 2016.


Imagine a world where in a number of potential clients are from the 47.13 million people who are active internet users and 48 million active social media users. That would really boost your business' return of investments and visibility.


However, even within the given figures, social media is commonly seen as an interactive tool for people to keep in touch; it only revolves around communicating with someone in lieu of snail mail or landline calls. But, that is not the case since even unlikely corporate businesses such as legal firms can start using social media for client lead generation.


In adopting social media for your legal firm, you will need to consider the "social" part of social media. As mentioned earlier, social media is known to be mainly interaction of people in a casual setting, but you can still take the “casual ones” to a corporate setting even though there are platforms perfect for that such as LinkedIn and Google+. Better know which social media platform your target audience is mainly using for you to have an easier grip on which to use to reach them.


After knowing which social media platforms they are using, make sure you understand how each platform works. An example is you can search for people through Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, while posting regular updates on Twitter and Instagram to reach another set of audience to a different platform while abiding the branding regulations on these social media platforms (140 characters for Twitter, while more visuals for Instagram). This will make it easier on what type of posts can be done in order to reach your target market; especially you need to be interesting and engaging to make them interested in your services.


There are many ways on how you can take advantage of the uses of social media at your disposal. You can create updates, blog articles and topics revolving around legal and promote it through your social media. And since you have established a social media account with relevant and constant updates along with a link to your website, awareness about you and your services can start circling around the World Wide Web and people’s mouths, thus attracting new clients and building new relationships with them.


Establishing an online presence is hard from the start, especially with all the social media platforms available for use. But, having experts to help you on your way up can help in making your presence bigger and interesting to your potential clients. Global TeleForce has an expert team that knows the ins and outs of lead generation. They are trained and are full of determination and dedication in providing solid leads possible.


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