How Knowledge Base Technical Support Matures and Moves with the Tech Economy

Posted by Author 6 months ago

In the telecommunications and internet service industry, technical support – whether outsourced or kept in-house is a service level department that has a high attrition rate and a rocky solutions delivery as customers that are needing tech support often encounter issues ranging from hardware, firmware, network and setup factors.

As companies and department advisors use a schematic flowchart to diagnose and ultimately solve technical support issues, customers are given a streamlined yet predictive experience basing on the A, B or AB manual. At times, it is an experience based on grind as both customers and the technical support specialist leave no stone turned on their session.

Customer experience that prompt the need for technical support when it comes to subscribed services are fueled by malfunctions or issues stemming hardware to condition based variables that affect the quality of service.

One platform that technical support departments are arming themselves with through in-house integration or outsourced solutions via providers is helping in the way of cutting down the time to come up with the precise diagnosis and case resolution. It is the Knowledge Base platform that is either a software of a cloud application that stores product knowledge, technical manuals, common faults and the common issues encountered in a database.

The knowledge base platform can help support the schematic troubleshooting routine by giving precise information basing on issues drawn from hardware, software, firmware and their operational compatibility where technical support agents are drawing information or data as the session happens.

Overtime, a knowledge base platform will accumulate the common and technical issues basing on the service as new products are introduced where new issues will arise with its corresponding solutions or fixes.

A Knowledge Base platform will help your business retain customers by offering the ability to deliver knowledge by way of information drawn with the corresponding solutions as a solicitation. Some of the benefits are:


  1. Increasing Productivity

A technical support team will improve its productivity by dramatically cutting down the time it takes to offer up a solution or fix. Therefore, your team can service more customers needing tech support.


  1. Increase Team Work Proposition

As a knowledge base platform is a shared resource to maintain, manage and update, the department is given the chance to better work as a cohesive unit by passing on information and critical fixes within a streamlined setup that is rehearsed using simulation drills. From the knowledge solicitors to the team leads down to the technical support agents with various levels, it enhances collaboration and enforces base knowledge.


  1. Archive and Utilize Forefront Knowledge

A knowledge base platform will store accumulated data and product information based on the older models and progressively into the new units. It allows technical support teams to have access to years of solutions in a streamlined approach.


  1. Pass Product Data to Other Departments

A knowledge base platform is not exclusive to the technical support department. Rather, it can be used by other departments such as sales and marketing in order to promote product knowledge as a way to further enrich employee engagement within the products offered.


  1. Competitive Advantages

Your products and service specifications are not the only ones that can populate and be archived with the knowledge base software. Your competitors’ defects and troubles can also be documented for future reference where the accumulated competitor knowledge can be leveraged for cross-selling or targeted marketing.


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