How Customer Support Platform Defines Outsourced Customer Support

Whether you have an in-house customer support team or you are outsourcing it to a provider, the customer support platform defines your team's ability to support customers in real time.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

Being able to create the "best" team can cost a lot — time, money, and a lot of resources. Thinking about it, the costs are really high since there is staffing costs involved in HR and recruiting, needed training, and the employee turnover. Organisations are having difficulty in handling their employment costs and promoting efficiency among teams. Thankfully, there is a work around for this. Sometimes, poor staffing is not the one to blame, but another participant in the process — technology being used. Having bad technology definitely can hurt your customer support team.

In a recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research, out of 300 customer support professionals to take part in the survey, a large majority — 94 per cent to be exact — have answered they wanted provide excellent support. Unfortunately, the survey revealed around of the 97 per cent need to run through irrelevant information when they are speaking with a customer. Having this situation is definitely a waste of time and can make them lose confidence in their work and skill. To others, this may be simple. But, lack of confidence has a lot of negative effects on the employee, which can quickly affect their perception of themselves and work performance.

The best solution for this being able to find the perfect customer support technology for the organisation, meaning the one that matches how the team operates and the industry they belong in. The survey said 46 per cent of respondents want relevant features. These features can be being able to categorise or organise customer data or to save previous search results.

Just remember, that before changing anything, better check with the team. Get their feedback and how they work on your installed technology to know what really is going on. However, there are times wherein changing technology means training for employees who are unfamiliar with it, giving out an unexpected additional cost. Thankfully, there is a solution to this. Organisations can get customer service outsourcing from a trusted provider to have access to a trained talent pool and save on staffing costs involved in HR and recruiting, needed training, and the employee turnover, and Global TeleForce offers outsourcing solutions to different businesses who want to become efficient while further reducing costs. For interested businesses, call 02-6571872 / +61 419 200 663 or email