How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence did not replace customer service but only helped the platform achieve greater efficiency through the methods of analytics and resource handling.

Posted by Author 1 year ago

Today, artificial intelligence is utilized by businesses and their customer service department as a way to improve their overall performance through the valuable insight is offers and its embedded applications that dramatically reduce customer queues. Years ago, artificial intelligence was feared to be a factor where businesses can cut costs by replacing people with automated applications. Such notion has long been dispelled as the essential presence of people helps retain the brand’s humanization based on customer expectations. Today, businesses and contact centres utilize artificial intelligence to power their systems in order to deliver a superior customer experience whether it is for bookings, customer service and upselling. People as thinkers and automated functions are working seamlessly together. Below are the examples:

Machine Learning Automation presents a “self-service” model for customers as it empowers them to be solutions providers to their own needs. Through this process, systems have algorithms and data crunching applications to analyze customer behaviour and in response, create a better system workflow for the DIY customer service experience.

Computer Aided Brand Management While the brand cannot simply function without people and its distinct brand humanization, computer aided management for the brand has grown increasingly in usage over the years. Brands often rely now on artificial intelligence powered applications such as chat bots for example to aid their customer service queues. With chat bots, common customer messages such as general sales inquiries are analyzed by the computer and in response, generate an automated response – similar to the templates that we operate on. Despite the growth of chat bots, the challenge is to develop its capacity to understand empathical nuances based on consumer emotions.

Use Data for Informed Decision Making Through harnessing data based on quantified tracking on every step of the customer journey, computers are able to analyze, visualize and generate reports that are intended for humans in aiding their decision making. These information are valuable as they are based on numerical data as validity. When acted upon, these count as informed decision making that is aided by computers.

Knowledgebase Artificial Intelligence can process information and respond with the precise resource as needed. For support agents and technical troubleshooting, AI that is based on knowledgebase systems can help them identify customer problems from simple to newly encountered ones. Embed machine learning and you have a progressive system that learns and matures with the tech economy.

Intelligent Forecasting While no one can predict the future, computers are able to forecast several probabilities such as customer behaviour. Drawing upon aggregated data based on consumer behaviour, the AI is predicting the most likely action that a customer will take. Utilizing analytics and its quantifiable variables allow for computers to segment probabilities based on historical records. This is useful in predicting the buying habits of customers where upselling is getting a boost.

For contact centres, the disruptive notion of Artificial Intelligence is a staging ground in refining their commonly offered contact centre outsourcing services for businesses. In scaling with the modern business needs that will need to employ AI, innovation is at the forefront of these new opportunities. Global TeleForce utilizes skilled people, process management and AI powered systems such as sales analytics, CRM and knowledge base platform in order to deliver modern BPO services that scale with the new business needs of today. To know more, contact us today AU 02-6571872 / PH 61 419 200 663 or email