Holidays 2017: Dishing Out Awesome Customer Support

Posted by Author 7 months ago

'Tis the season to be prepared.

 The holidays are coming up! Is your customer service ready for the incoming stress and exhaustion? These are the days when businesses are the busiest, making them experience mishaps along the way. These disastrous moments—such as the consistent influx of angry and demanding customers, orders an, even misunderstandings—often lead to longer deliveries and tempers rising.

There is no doubt that your employees already face demanding or angry customers, but what if it becomes double or triple? To prepare your employees, here are awesome customer support tips that you'll need this holiday season.


1. Spreading Positivity All Around

The holidays are stressful. To counter this is having positivity in you. Positivity is contagious. And by having this can have influence in the customer experience. Even though customers don't see your employees, they are sensitive to your choice of words and tone. If words and voice are happy and perky, this will help create an enthusiastic interaction. It influences the customer think the same way and foster trust between employee and customer.

2. Be Honest

Christmas is a busy time. Your customer support should be able to become honest with your customers. Over-promising can definitely create high hopes for your customers. And under-delivering it will definitely affect the customer’s impression and trust with the business. Customers understand that Christmas time is a busy time; they know that you're handling a lot of customers as well. That’s why you should be transparent at every stage of the process so that customers will understand the situation better.

3. Lend Your Ears

Customer service is the assistance you provide to customers. This means that your customer support should know how to listen to your customers’ woes. They should be responsible enough to listen and come up with solutions that are helpful. If your employees are not trained to these stressful situations, then complaints will surely come their way. Don't forget to train your support for them to be equipped with the necessary skills to be prepared.

Happy employees mean happy customers. If your customer service knows how to provide the best experience, customer conversion will become a breeze. They should be trained and have the needed skill set, patience, and quick thinking for them to come up with straight-to-the-point solutions, especially during the festive season.


At Global TeleForce, we train agents to have a positive approach in every situation. Positivity is important in every interaction since it influences a customer. If interested to outsource customer support from us, especially during the holiday season, call us at 1300 77 88 62 or email for a free consultation.