Holiday: How to Ramp Up Your Customer Service

Posted by Author 7 months ago

We all make mistakes and we should learn from it.


Stories of bad customer service are all around. It is always used as examples by experts for people to learn—especially beginners. The story may revolve around that bad-tempered receptionist or the agent who lacked training and so on. If you're thinking that this isn't real, better think again.


For the holiday season, the way you provide service should change for the better. Holidays are the days wherein the workload is the heaviest. Finding the right talent from your recruitment or to outsource customer service is hard. Even with all your effort, there is no doubt you're thinking of lowering standards. But what can do? Don't worry; there are ways on how to ramp up on how you deliver service to your customers.

1. Always Plan on How to Convert Customers

Your employees are the ones making an effort. Better make sure to teach them to step up and make an effort during the holidays. But don't forget to reward them, too. For them, the holiday season is the season of exhaustion and stress. So, reward them to keep them motivated in continuously delivering a positive experience to customers.

2. Provide Helpful Feedback

You're the employer; therefore, you should provide for your employees. Give them feedback and motivation to make them happy. Positive reinforcement and recognition are important to employees. This serves as one of their secret ingredients in order to work better and happier. Remember, happy customers are equivalent to happy customers. A happy employee can create a friendly atmosphere, thus giving them the power to influence a customer experience and making it awesome.

3. Learn to accept

There are times when you need to accept that nothing works. Always teach your employees to always exhaust all options and solutions before giving up. Remind them to always give their best shot and try their hardest. However, if things get really tough, tell them to escalate the problem to people who specialize in these cases. This may dampen their feelings; however, you should team them to not take it personally.

Step up and take responsibility for your customer's experience this holiday season. Do your best so your employees follow your lead. Also, don't be afraid to search for talent or to outsource customer service in order to provide the best experience efficiently, especially this holiday season. For businesses who're thinking about outsourcing, Global TeleForce can help. We are a call centre outsourcing company that can tailor employee solutions to any business. Call us at 1300 77 88 62 or email for more information.