Halloween 2017: How Your Customer Service is SCARING Away Your Customers

Posted by Author 3 months ago

Customer service is created to help customers with their problems and questions. It is the highlight of every business, making sure that their customer service is better than their competitor's. However, there are instances when customer service is the one who scare customers away. Are you one of those businesses who are part of the scarecrows of customer service? Don't let this happen to your business.


Everyone has their own pet peeves. Don't wait for customers to realize they have the right to walk away from the business. Watch out for these ways how your customer service is SCARING away your customers.


Placing customers in the waiting line

There will always be a time when customers will need to wait. We all know that they understand that. Unfortunately, there is a limit for everything. Not all customers can wait that long.


Oftentimes, customers leave when:

  • They wait longer than the expected time given to them
  • There is no specified waiting time before they get assisted
  • When the people who came after them gets noticed or served first


Manpower is often blamed in these given situations. However, this can be lessened if customer service representatives are able to provide the necessary solutions needed quickly. This is the responsibility of the company to provide the needed training for their agents to become more experienced in handling different types of customers.


Customers can't or find it hard to contact customer support

We all know that time can't be bought with money and it definitely waits for no one. So, when customer support answers common questions from customers over and over again, we all think that this is time-consuming. Customer service representatives often find it frustrating to answer common questions that can be found on the FAQ page of the business and it has been taking up more time that it should.


Despite this frustration, these agents are still required to answer every question thrown at them. Well, that is because customer's time is precious too. Moreover, the business needs the attention of the customer since a point of interaction and sale starts from here. Customers want support from a real person over the phone, not some robot who says the same script over and over again. That is why customer support should have the patience and understanding in order to serve customers better, no matter how annoying or irritating they are.


Not going beyond what is expected

Businesses always make promises to customers, and customer service representatives should be able to fulfil it. But, those promises are just the start in delivering the best customer service in town. Customer expectations, no matter how high it is, should always be exceeded by customer service representatives in terms of service.


Customers know when they are not properly taken care of. Once they get the idea that they being left out and not being noticed, then you have to say goodbye soon or later.


If you want to have loyal customers, make sure to be engaging and have that wow factor to keep them impressed and happy all together. Not only will this keep them from coming back, this can also make them refer the business to their friends or loved ones, helping the business get more customers and grow along the way without using money on advertising.


Customer service is an essential part of a business. So, if not done right, customers will have to resort in leaving the business in no time. Don't scare away customers by pushing their buttons accidentally—which is worse than doing it on purpose. Know the pet peeves and reasons why customers leave and not coming back. Finding out the reasons may be time-consuming and training agents to deliver awesome customer service can be costly, but this is where contact centre outsourcing can help since agents are already trained on what they will need to do in order to keep customers engaged and satisfied.