Global TeleForce Offers Affordable and Scalable Outsourcing

As a solution to NBN Telcos and ISP. New to outsourcing? Our offer allows you to start off small with a safe margin on investment.

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September 25, 2018

Bonifacio Global City Taguig – With over six years of experience in providing Outsourcing and Offshoring solutions to Australian telecommunications companies and Internet Service Providers (ISP) that resell NBN services, Global TeleForce continue its drive in equipping existing and prospective clients with the means to expand their capabilities in sales, customer service and back-office fronts minus the high cost of overhead hiring. Through a strategic approach in planning resource intake, business process mapping, integration and performance monitoring, outsourcing is made scalable and affordable while drastically reducing risks. Under Global TeleForce, outsourcing a technical support role starts from $12 per hour. Prior to deployment, the technical support role will be subject to a training regimen that includes role utilization, performance on process and knowledge base instilment about the nature of the NBN-to-RSP business model.

Each role entrusted to Global TeleForce is subject to a reserved process of recruitment for skill and experience qualification, training, acclimation and performance evaluation. Each role is considered an investment and as proof-of-assurance when it comes to the investment, the culture of proactive management, skill-enabling and performance evaluation is applied.

By offering an affordable and scalable role intake with outsourcing, telecommunications and ISP companies are given a low-risk platform to expand their capabilities to generate sales, reinforce customer service and optimise back office support processes.

With the upcoming completion of the National Broadband Network in 2020 and its increased pricing for all resale broadband plans across the board, telecommunications and ISP companies are confronted with a scenario of increasing operations costs over diminishing profit margins and an increasingly competitive landscape.

Companies must somehow mitigate the cost of acquisition, retain customers and overall operations cost of the value chain amidst a competitive landscape. This scenario of opportunities closing while real-world prices are collapsing, demands a rethink of the operations process. Through a lean process that is optimized with the lowest operations cost as possible, companies are able to stabilize and re-plot growth trajectory in the coming years.

Through outsourcing key roles and strategic processes within the operations such as non-core verticals and time consuming back-office work, companies are able to focus anew in pivoting the business by shedding cost of intake while expanding their capabilities on the fronts of sales, customer service and back-office.

Global TeleForce has over six years in providing customized outsourcing for Australian telcos and ISPs. We have the experience and infrastructure to scale with the needs of NBN reseller telcos. New to outsourcing? We offer a free of charge project discussion to outline how our strategic outsourcing will help the business shed off cost while increasing its productivity. Call +61 419 200 663 or + 63 02 - 6571 872 or email For more information, please visit: