Global TeleForce Celebrates Five Years of Contact Centre Operations

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5th of April 2017 Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines – Global TeleForce Ltd., a contact center solutions provider operating in the Philippines and a corporate management headquarters located in Pascoe Vale South VIC, Australia, is celebrating its fifth year anniversary of operations in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

Half a Decade of Operations

Global TeleForce Ltd. started its operations in 2012 as a contact centre provider with a telecommunications company in Australia with outsourcing solutions spanning inbound & outbound sales and customer service & support. Being a new and player in the BPO and offshore industry, Global TeleForce has maintained its strategic approach to businesses through a streamlined methodology involving market intelligence, process management, business process and strategic integration of the company’s core range of services and personnel to the client’s business value chain.

 In managing risks and setting achievable outcomes in the outsourcing provider and client relationship detailed across operations, the company maintains its strategic integration and sourcing in responding to real time business needs with flexible resource allocation, managerial chain of focus and quantifiable insights gained from operational data. Actionable insight is a means for adapting to the changing business climate and consumer behavior where both the outsourcing provider and its account must crunch data, deliberate on responses and create contingencies. In this structured approach, ideal results are achieved.

“We were a new player across industry giants back then,” said Hitesh Parekh, Director of Global TeleForce Ltd. “As a newcomer in the dynamic BPO industry here in the Philippines, we believed that competition is good and presents an opportunity to distinguish our outsourcing service platform.”

“What we maintain as a company are the traditional values of entering partnerships where accountability, transparency and responsibility are at the core principle of the operations. In advocating these timeless values as a guiding principle, we offer a strategic approach in our client acquisition practice,” Hitesh added.

“In our strategic approach, we incorporate the equation of both perceived business needs over the relative actual business needs in determining your outsourcing needs. This is what starts our integration framework as an outsourcing provider.”

Expansion of Services

One of the company’s strengths is being responsive to the changing business times and real time needs of client accounts. With the outsourcing industry demanding both providers and component managers to constantly innovate or lose its value per dollar, Global TeleForce expands its service platform with a key range of digital services that were being heavily sought by businesses. These digital services include: full website support and hosting engine, server management and maintenance, VoIP and SIP services, custom web and software solutions as well as creative services ranging from media and print. Other digital services as part of the expansion were digital marketing and lead generation.

With the expanded digital services under Global TeleForce Ltd, the company introduced its sister company, Global WebForce Ltd, now known as one of Australia’s innovators in delivering website solutions.

The management of Global TeleForce accounts for over 20 years of telecommunications and offshoring operations. With a proven track record of measurable business return of investments (ROI) that have sustained the company and helped nurture accounts in the years that followed.

Going Strong

Global TeleForce Ltd’s Director, Hitesh Parekh is the company’s mentor and business leader. He is known to be a “hands on” manager that places emphasis on improving individual performance that help comprise a productive department. As one of the company’s mentors, his protégé in good management include Angela Sunga, the company’s director of operations in the country. Angela is joined by Operations Manager Miguel Dela Rosa in driving the company forward through product development, clientele management and constant innovation of key processes, Global TeleForce Ltd. are committed to improving its service delivery in the succeeding years.

In the Next Five Years

The year 2017 is a groundbreaking year for Global TeleForce Ltd., as the company has undergone a corporate restructuring and consolidation of its outsourcing service platform that will now be operating under Ezy Outsourcing Hub. The corporate entity, Ezy Outsourcing Hub was registered successfully this year and has succeeded in reforming the entities Global TeleForce Ltd and Global WebForce Ltd under its corporate account. This restructure was deemed necessary for the company in expanding its outsourcing and offshoring service platform while maintaining its current service delivery -- with room for further innovation.

With Global TeleForce Ltd now under Ezy Outsourcing Hub, the current clientele and future ones can expect further refinement in the process, platform, core technologies and infrastructure support in order to meet the ever changing business and customer needs.

The company has expanded its outsourcing and offshoring service platform across territories and industries. Global TeleForce Ltd is now serving clientele from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and areas of Asia and the Pacific. The company’s outsourcing and offshoring solutions is now a part of businesses in the industries of telecommunications, energy & renewables, accounting and finance as well as small businesses.

In five years of thriving operations, Global TeleForce Ltd., has been defying boundaries and changed the notion of outsourcing is “mainly for the big businesses” with its strategic and seamless integration approach for businesses to successfully transition to outsourcing. With a solid track record of managing both risk and equity into the outsource / offshore operations, Global TeleForce Ltd., looks to make outsourcing and offshoring setup viable, and successful business strategy.

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