Global TeleForce & 6 Years of Providing Effective Telecommunications Outsourcing

For six years, Global TeleForce has continuously provided outsourcing and shared services to Australian telcos. Here's our main points.

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The times are really changing, as the telecommunication industry in Australia, has become cutthroat and incredibly competitive more than ever. The reason for the increase in competitiveness? The NBN is maturing, therefore making the new arena even more demanding of sales proactivity and customer support innovation, all in the name of maximizing customer retention rates. During the early commercialization of NBN back in 2012, we already projected where the telecommunications industry is heading. Which is why, as early as that time, Global TeleForce has been effectively providing outsourcing and offshoring solutions to NBN-accredited telcos.

Our wide range of services ensures maximum customer retention rates, through our proactive sales approach and innovative customer support. But what makes Global TeleForce a cut from its competitors? Our Focus on Sales

We employ a sales approach that works closely with the marketing and sales departments of our clients, to ensure that a strategy that is truly applicable to their operations. With a team of NBN-trained sales agents that help facilitate the outbound sales campaign, we create and implement a cohesive sales strategy. This way, we can assure our clients that they are in the right position for growth, as we also continue to monitor and benchmark sales performances that allow us to identify what areas to improve.

Top-Notch Customer Service Agents
Due to the increasing competition in the industry, NBN-telcos should have a team that can handle every concern of a customer. Moreover, it should have a customer service team that can scale up its knowledge with new NBN technology and market offerings.

This is what Global TeleForce has been continuously providing for 6 years. With our pool of agents trained and highly proficient with NBN technology, we can help both telecommunication companies and their customers.

Expert Technical Support
The relationship between the NBN and Retail Service Providers (RSP) is a complex one. Most often than not, the telco companies get the brunt of the blame when it comes to spotty service. This is why it’s imperative that telcos should have a ready-team of technical support specialists, which are sharp and precise when troubleshooting technical issues raised by customers. For over 6 years, our technical support team has continuously updated their knowledge and technique, when it comes to troubleshooting hardware, software, firmware and network issues. NBN subscribers are assured of a comprehensive service, which aims to resolve the issue with just one call.

Cost Efficient Outsourcing
Since the arrival of the new millennium, large Australian telecommunications companies have established an outsourcing or an offshoring centre in the Philippines, which is one of the contributing factors on their growth. However on recent years, small and medium-sized companies are starting to catch up and established offshore/outsource offices as well. We have been doing this for 6 years, and we continously provide cost-cefficient and scalable outsourcing solutions to NBN providers in Australia. By utilising dedicated sales, technical support, and billing processing outsourcing, we make sure that our clients remain competitive no matter how big or small are their business.

With the competition becoming tighter and fiercer, companies are compelled to make their processes more efficient, and their operations better-equipped to handle the demands of their clients. Global TeleForce knows that outsourcing and offshoring is an effective solution for businesses to remain competitive, as the market for NBN continuous to mature, and its network solutions becoming diverse. With this situation, telco companies need a reliable outsourcing partner that scales up with the NBN landscape, and treats their clients, as their own. And as a dependable outsourcing and offshoring partner, we make sure that our partner telcos are in a position to offer better value, therefore receive a better return of investments.

We at Global TeleForce continue to train ramp-up our in-house sales, customer service and technical support teams to keep pace at the ever changing landscape of the NBN. Since 2012, we have been working with telcos in providing customized, private outsourcing/offshoring solutions. As the landscape becomes more competitive, we continuously evaluate our services with NBN telcos. If you are an NBN reseller, we provide a free consultation or meeting on how to leverage the benefits of outsourcing and offshoring in making your business much more competitive, and cost-efficient.

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