Factors that Will Change Customer Experience As We Know It

Posted by Author 9 months ago

The future is unknown to many; but for businesses, they are willing to spend resources and time to just have a glimpse of it. The knowledge gathered from these predictions, studies, and whatnot may or may not help the business grow. It is up to the businesses to decide if they will adapt to it or not.


And one of the areas where there is continuous change is customer experience management (CEM). However, not keeping up with the trend may affect the business' following and may become a huge disadvantage. With the innovation technology, there are shifts in customer and business behavior; and here are factors that will change customer experience as we know it.

1. Having access

Ways on how consumers can access business has changed over the years. Before, consumers must call through telephone or visit the shop if they have questions, but now, with the help of technology, consumers can access businesses with just a click of a button. There are many platforms that have given consumers the power and freedom to access businesses on their own volition and time wherever they are. So it is best to adapt to these changes to be able to cater to consumers in different platforms.


2. A chance to be heard

Giving the consumers the privilege to give the businesses detailed reviews and testimonials have provided a huge amount of information about the business' performance and quality to the public. This privilege for consumers has made shared information to be talked about more in social media, giving the business an online presence. Managing the online reputation is important since a small amount of negativity can affect the sales of the business.


3. IoT is all around

As the Internet of Things (IoT) kept on growing, the gap between the physical and digital world has been decreasing, meaning more devices can be connected via the internet, thus creating new ways of communication for manufacturers and service providers. Businesses will continuously receive information these devices that can connect to the internet. And with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics, the information received by businesses will be analysed to learn more about customers wants and needs without them communicating with the businesses directly.


The advancement of technology has let consumers get in touch with businesses on websites, social media, and even a number of devices that can connect to the internet. With this, contact centre outsourcing should be able to step up their game and provide agents that know different platforms to be able to cater to more customers efficiently.


 Image Courtesy of information-age.com