Essential Customer Service Points for Startup Companies

Posted by Author 11 months ago

Delivering differentiated customer service has become necessary to businesses in today’s modern world. Backed up with data provided by the American Express, 78 percent of customers have ended their relationships with businesses due to bad customer service. With this data, it is no surprise that you should always check results regarding customer service. Take note, the costing is higher in getting customers than retaining one. That would really be bad for the business.


Furthermore, that is not the only reason that you should invest in great customer service. To know the others, here are essential customer service points for startup companies.

1. Impressions last

It is normal for customers to expect that your business knows how to respect their time. They also expect the business to provide accurate, concrete, and reliable answers the first time they call. Same goes for them going to your website; they should be able to find the answers to the questions running in their mind. As a startup, you will need to make a strong impression so that the target market will have interest in you. To be able to meet your customers' expectations and make lasting impressions, provide the community with in-depth content to increase visibility to people.

2. Provide solid content

Knowledge is everywhere. And anyone in the world can have a slice of it, but that does not mean you should not do something to let them have another slice. As a startup, sharing credible content to the community will provide solid self-service offers to customers and online presence once shared on the Internet. However, make sure to provide relevant and updated content so that it can be relatable to people who are interested in services or interests you offer.

3. Customer feedback helps

Often overlooked, some businesses think that customer feedback is just random words from a lazy customer. Change this mentality because customer feedback is vital. You will get suggestions, comments, and compliments from customers who tried your products and services. The data collected is crucial to startups since this is the information that you need to be able to understand your niche market. You will also know the areas wherein improvement and changes are needed in order to serve your niche market better.


Providing impeccable customer service is a great strategy to perform every day. Customers are vital, therefore you should know how to cater to their needs for them to come back or spread your name to others. Agents from contact centre outsourcing who are hired by clients should follow this tips so that the client business, especially startups, will have a strong presence and credibility to customers.