Despite Automation and Its Promise, Future of Customer Service is Still Based on Human Interaction

Posted by Author 6 months ago

In this time and age, there are innovations made and developed. These innovations have helped different industries on their line of work. Not only that, it has also helped a human in their everyday lives at home. And this does not exclude Artificial Intelligence (AI). No matter how AI sounds too good to be true, there are people who think this is a threat to all human jobs. The Australian reported that Elon Musk, the CEO and CTO of Space X and Telsa, wherein he is also a co-founder, has warned the US government of the potential dangers lurking around the rise of artificial intelligence. Not only that, Newsweek reported that Facebook has worked on an AI that can negotiate and even debate with other chatbots and humans, and has also invented its own language.


There is no reason to hide it, but a lot of companies often commit customer service mistakes on a day-to-day basis. Customer service is an important part of the customer experience. Now, if you can't provide it right when they needed it the most, then customers will move elsewhere. There are start-ups that achieved great customer service, making customers come back. However, this success is not the same for everyone. Customer service should be a personalized, tailor-fit approach to customers, and this can't be easily broken down to be understood by an automated replacement.


Customer service should be present in every organisation there is. Moreover, customer service representatives should take their job into the heart. While customer service is done by heart, the representatives should lace customers in their minds at all times, making sure that they have the best customer experience of their lives in every interaction done.


The essence of customer service is showing that the organisation truly cares about their customers. And placing it into automated systems with no emotions so far can make the experience dull and emotionless. Knowing that you're speaking with a robot will make personalized questions harder to have answers. For businesses who are having trouble with customer service, reach out to a trustworthy contact centre outsourcing to get reliable agents and have happier customers along the way.