CX Guru Blake Morgan Explains What Actually Shapes Customer Experience Within Companies

Posted by Author 4 months ago

Customer experience is one of the major factors that can affect a customer's point of view on a business. And a part of this is customer service. Contact centres are an important part of a business because of the role they perform. Every day, contact centres get calls from customers in need of assistance in their problems with the hopes of it getting fixed.


But according to CX Guru Blake Morgan, contact centres are not the ones who get to interact with customers. Saying that customer service "play an important part in the overall customer experience," Morgan clarifies that the whole company is the whole contact centre. This means that what actually shapes customer experience within companies is the company itself and not only the contact centre.



Come to think about it, there are many platforms wherein a business can interact with a customer. Some do it through phone calls and chat, while other interactions are personal connections, such as when a customer comes into a store and an employee interacts. Morgan explains that customers can come in contact with a company through different touchpoints all throughout the customer journey.


Customers are more likely to come out of a store with a smiling face and great experience because the employees of the store were interactive, helpful and can be easily approached, while the shop is clean and organised. Same goes for an online shopping website. If the customer support is easy to talk to and the online store is organised, easy to navigate and is web responsive, then customers would likely to buy products and would highly recommend your business to others.


There are times when a customer won't contact the contact centre, but most of them will likely have a chance to interact with the business as they purchase a service or a brand. With this, you have a lot of opportunities to reflect on your customer service and overall performance.


Better make sure that your business' employees know by heart your mission and vision for them to fully deliver what is needed to be done. And as for contact centres, there are trusted companies who offer contact centre outsourcing with a team that is trained and dedicated to delivering great customer service and make customers happy in all interactions possible, thus helping to improve your customer experience and the business since its cost-effective.

Image Credit: Forbes