Customer Service Tips for the Accommodation Service Industry

Posted by Author 11 months ago


There are different types of guests, and entertaining them because of their different personalities can be tiresome. However, giving great customer service is a must to provide great customer experience. And great customer experience can keep the sales going due to the guests' prowess to recommend the business to others or to become a regular.


But, how can you provide great customer service? Here are customer service tips for the accommodation service industry.


1. Let them remove the steam

Customer service representatives are the employees who have direct contact with customers. They are the ones whom customers look for in case they want or need something. With these responsibilities, customer service representatives deal with the customers' problems all day long, thus absorbing a lot of negativity. Give your customer service representatives an outlet to vent out the steam for them to be able to work properly, positively, and in character. This can be a day off, vacation, or anything that can be healthy and creative for them to release the negativity.

2. Learn when to give tough love

Tough love is a good way for people to learn, but there are times when you need to show compassion and empathy. Customer service representatives deal with customer complaints, negativity, and problems every day, so you should know when to be soft with them. They will make mistakes from time to time since they are only human; they have their limitations. Yes, you need to show tough love and be firm when they are not performing well, but also know when empathy and compassion should be given to give them a boost.

3. Give appropriate training

Maintaining a positive and calm composure can be really tough when customers are getting out of hand. By giving the right training on how to handle customers professionally, customer service representatives will be able to control the situation in a professional way. This means that the affairs will be fixed in a calm and polite way, thus maintaining peace in the area at the same time satisfying the angry customer.

4. Availability

Make sure that your employees are always available and visible, especially in the reception area. It is a must that your customer service representatives are highly accessible to customers to answer their queries and complaints in a polite, professional, and calm manner.

5. Hygiene is important

As a customer service representative, it is essential to look sharp, clean, and fresh. This means that your hair should be tidy, your mouth fresh and clean, no visible uniform stains, and smelling good. By looking good and groomed can release an impression of professionalism, making customers comfortable to ask what they want and need.


Accommodating customers can be a tiresome job; the accumulated negative energy that angry and unsatisfied customers can take a toll to customer service representatives. As a business owner, you should understand them since they are the ones absorbing it all. In fact, agents from contact centre customer care get this situation every day. It is best to take into consideration these tips to make your customer service representatives happy in their jobs.