Advantages and Disadvantages of Travel Process Outsourcing

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As the holiday season is fast approaching, a lot of people are now planning their perfect holiday getaway. Yes, travel happens all year long, but there are certain seasons wherein booking slots run out—and fast! And during these seasons, the office is figuratively in chaos.


It is definitely a challenge to balance everything. There will always be a time when the focus is divided, thus tasks are not done efficiently. Being able to do both responsible and efficient is tough with all the things to be done. There will be a lot of assisting and paperwork to finish, doubling the workload of current employees. This is when businesses are at the tipping point, whether to hire new employees or stick with the current employees to get the job done. If they are ready to hire new people, the business can either hire through their own strategy or through outsourcing.


Anywhere you go, outsourcing is a cost-effective solution that gives businesses an access to a pool of talent. Even so, there are still advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, specifically travel process outsourcing for travel agencies.



As mentioned before, outsourcing definitely saves money. The costs depend on the outsourcing company, but often times it has a fixed cost. Another benefit is the access to a talent pool that is skilled and knowledgeable in the field. It is a known fact that before they enter the battlefield, they undergo training for them to understand your work ethics, branding, and other methods in the office even though they are far away.


Lastly, having an outsourced team promotes work efficiency. This can help you focus on your main tasks since they will be carrying over the rest. An example is your main task is to evaluate a certain travel package on its sales, popularity, and costs. With outsourcing, you can focus on the main details while your outsourced team can take up the time-consuming ones, such as data entry and proofreading.



Once you have chosen a specific outsourcing company, you are passing some of the responsibilities to them. This means that you are giving management and control to an external body that you hired is not even in your office. Even though the outsourced team or employee are trained before they start, you cannot ensure that they have the same passion as you and your in-house employees have, which can really damage outputs and work performance along the way.


Another problem is the potential threat to security and confidentiality. Why? In the travel business, there is sensitive information that comes into the office every time a booking is made. With this, the outsourced team or employee can have access to sensitive information and use it against someone or steal a certain identity for their own benefit.


Outsourcing has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, before deciding whether to outsource or not, it is best to know if the pros outweigh the cons. And if the pros do outweigh the cons, it is best to read reviews first to know if which outsourcing company can be trusted.


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