NBN Co Venturing to Enterprise Services

Posted by Author 11 months ago

"High-value" customers are planned to be transferred from the Telstra Network to NBN Co's own network as it readies its systems and staff for the migration.


The virtual team will be assembled by a network builder. The members of the virtual team are expected to tackle business market, recruit supervisors who will develop and run the transfer procedures, and prepare consultation regarding the proposed business Ethernet offerings of NBN Co.


Ethernet Bitstream Services or NEBS was outlined after the company has spent 14 months detailing through a series of white papers released by the NBN Co that specified the "legacy" business services will transfer to the NEBS.


According to the NBN Co, the services, known as temporary special services (TSS), discussed to be transferred include Ethernet-Lite and wholesale BDSL, Telstra CustomNet Spectrum, Telstra ATM (over copper), DDS Fastway & Data Access Radial and Megalink & Wholesale Transmission, Frame Relay, and ISDN 10/20/30 & ISDN2.


NBN Co said that the business Ethernet product was planned to be introduced in Q2 2017, as specified in their integrated product roadmap last October 2016. Furthermore, the company said the timeline of the company is still the same with last year's roadmap.


The company described the service as a “single price per point business product that will provide a committed information rate, uncontended, symmetric bandwidth service”.


The bandwidth profiles will run from /5Mbps to 100/100Mbps as provided over FTTP, and will span 5/5Mbps to 40/40Mbps over FTTN and FTTB.


NBN Co hoped to conduct a product consultation of the Ethernet service on November last year, unfortunately, it was moved in February this year.


Currently, the company is going forward at a steady pace. It has even revealed their plans of appointing a national manager to supervise “a smooth transition of high-value legacy business services (TSS) to NBN, and ensure delivery of NBN business segment take up and revenue targets”.


Raising “awareness amongst high-value businesses of the disconnection of legacy services and [to] drive migration to the NBN," and improving and tracking “customer satisfaction of high-value businesses” as the process of migration is ongoing are the key responsibilities of the manager position.


Other responsibilities include working hand in hand with the retail service providers “to develop and implement their TSS migration programs, including identifying and addressing dependencies and roadblocks to migration”.


NBN Co's move to enter the business internet market can be considered as a milestone as is trying to provide premium internet, thus company's who offer telco outsourcing services will have new job openings to hire agents perfect for the technical support and customer service.