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Essential Sales Skills Needed by Business Leaders

Today we point the essential sales skills that business leaders must have as they are the main sales person of the company in retrospect. Do you have these skills?

Setting Sales KPIs with an Outsource Contact Centre Provider

Sales KPIs for sales teams that are powered by analytics.

How Analytics Is Changing Sales Teams and Departments

Analytics based on the visualization and study of big data references from sales, performance and customers is changing how sales departments function.

How PCI DSS Impacts Customers and Contact Centres

The new security standards when it comes to PCI DSS will affect commerce done online and offline as we know it.

Why Failing to Scale with Omni Channel Fails Your Customer Experience

In today's inter-connected platforms that all operate online, customers are finding new ways to reach businesses to call out for support. This is the omni-channel and today's customer experience is largely dependent on it.

Tasks that Small Businesses Can Outsource NOW in 2018

Did you know that Outsourcing is also applicable to small businesses? Today, even small businesses can outsource time consuming tasks where it frees up their time in order to chart growth.

Transformative Technology that are dictating how Contact Centres are Evolving

Transformative technology that affects how today's contact centres

2018 Customer Experience Outlook

For 2018, the outlook for customer experience is more dynamic than ever as technology and expectations are increasing.

How Knowledge Base Technical Support Matures and Moves with the Tech Economy

Why Businesses Prefer CRM Powered Customer Service When it comes to Outsourcing