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Why Outsourcing Smartly Does Not Compromise Brand

Smart Outsourcing can prove to be a boost to the brand by streamlining its business support structure with improved efficiency.

How the Internet of Things is Changing Customer Engagement

The Internet of Things is bound to change how we communicate via equipment. In turn, IoT will also change customer engagement.

How Customer Support Platform Defines Outsourced Customer Support

Whether you have an in-house customer support team or you are outsourcing it to a provider, the customer support platform defines your team's ability to support customers in real time.

Why the Human Factor Matters in the Future of Contact Centres

In the age of rapid development of artificial intelligence for the contact centre, the future of customer service is still ingrained deeply on human to human conversations.

Tech Factors that are Boosting Outsourced Accounting in Australia

Outsourced Accounting is rapidly being changed by technological factors that allow mobility, real-time collaboration, and real-time reporting under accounting roles that are outsourced via cloud or channel platforms.

How Social Media Factors in the State of Omni Channel Customer Support

Social Media, in more than ways than one has been the focal point of customer service and support in the age of the omni channel.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence did not replace customer service but only helped the platform achieve greater efficiency through the methods of analytics and resource handling.

Harnessing Business Intelligence in Contact Centres

Artificial Intelligence will not replace contact centres alike but it aims to work seamlessly with the existing call centre technology to enhance the platform.

Key Outlines in the Future of Contact Centres

Today, we outline the future of contact centres that will host disruptive technology and practicality. We see some of them today based on innovation.

Is a Contact Centre Crisis Brewing in the United Kingdom?

Due to the economic uncertainty in the United Kingdom, the market struggle of SMEs have an adverse affect to the contact centre industry where it employs 6 percent of the working population.