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Voice Assistants Are Not Dependable to Contact Customer Service Numbers

Scammers were reported to con voice assistant software users under the guise of popular tools like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. What the poor users did not know was that their once-reliable assistants have been tricked to pick up fraudulent support phone numbers.

Tech Platforms that are changing Call Centres

We hope you’re using technology to your advantage. If not, you can use our insights when you develop your next marketing plan.

Should Your Contact Centre Have a Presence on WhatsApp?

Call Centres having a presence on WhatsApp could benefit from having another communication channel that allows a touch-point communications through real-time communication and accessibility to reach out to queries and follow-ups.

The Biggest Benefits You'll Get When Your Bookkeeping is Outsourced

Outsourcing your bookkeeper is one of the smartest moves you can do, with the tremendous benefits it can bring.

How Tech is Reshaping Call Centres of the Future

Call centres regarding customer service exist to provide support at every step of the customer journey. Many businesses adopted this approach to build a bridge between company and customer and provide support. However, not every business was successful in bridging the gap.

Customer Service Future: Humans and AI Working in Harmony

The Rise of Virtual Assistants

The rise of virtual assistants have been fast-tracked these past recent years, all thanks to developments in technology.

How Customer Banking is Improving by Going Scriptless

Productivity is something call centres always aim for. The goal is to provide solutions as quickly as possible. That's why other call centres opt for scripts to increase productivity

How Emerging Technology Is Here to Boost Call Centre

Emerging technologies are here to help call centres modernize to be equipped for the future.

Gucci Utilizes Contact Centre to Boost Customer Shopping Experience

Gucci came up with its own strategy in luring Millennials in buying its luxury goods, and keeping up with the ever-changing consumer habits. One of example of this new habits is how Millennials’ eyes are glued to the screens of their mobile devices, instead of brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to shopping.